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Frequently Asked Questions
An escrow is the deposit of funds or documents with a neutral third party for delivery upon performance or completion of a condition.
To insure that no funds or property (deeds) will be released until all the conditions of the transaction have been completed in compliance with mutually agreed upon instructions.
In the State of California, an Independent Escrow Company is licensed by the California Department of Corporations and is subject to annual audits to insure the safety of funds on deposit in the Escrow Trust Account. All independent Escrow Companies must be bonded with the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation and each employee must be finger printed and pass a Department of Justice background check.
Contrary to what you may have heard and experienced in other parts of the country, Buyer and Seller do not have to be present for closing. All documents must be signed and funds must be on deposit prior to closing. Upon confirmation the deed has recorded, your Escrow Officer will make all payoffs and disbursements according to instructions provided.
All instructions must be mutually agreed upon between Buyer and Seller, including cancellation of the Escrow. Should Escrow Holder be notified of a dispute or stalemate over a particular item, escrow holder shall stop processing the escrow until mutually agreed upon instructions have been received. Escrow holder is neutral and cannot make a determination as to the rightful party in a dispute.